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Blue Lake

On the whole, the Aosta Valley has always been considered a “Middle Earth” between Italy and France, as evidenced by its official bilingualism and designation as a special administrative area.


The region holds great historical and political importance, with the Gran San Bernardo and, especially, Monte Bianco tunnels playing pivotal roles in facilitating the movement of goods and people between Italy and the rest of the continent.

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The Aosta Valley is the smallest region in Italy, located at the farthest Northwestern edge of the peninsula along the border between Switzerland and France. Dubbed the “Old World’s roof,” the Aosta Valley is home to the most impressive summits of the Alps, such as the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and the majestic Monte Bianco, which, at 4,810 m tall, is unrivalled in all of Europe.


Courmayeur, the cradle of alpinism, is one of the most regarded ski resorts in the area, where the first mountain guide school was founded over 150 years ago. Italy’s first national park, the Gran Paradiso, is also located in this casket of mountains and valleys, and offers fantastic viewing for nature lovers keen on spotting rare species in their natural habitat, such as chamois, golden eagles, marmots, and, of course, the noble ibex, the symbol of the park.