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The marine reserve of Torre Guaceto, the deep “gravine” of Laterza, and the cavernous sinkholes of Altamura, stunning landscapes characteristic of the hinterland, are not to be missed.


From a cultural point of view, Apulia is full of places that tell the story of its ancient origins: from prehistory to Magna Graecia, from the Imperial Age to the Renaissance, to the splendor of the Lecce and Salento baroque.


One such example are the “trulli,” or rustic stone huts with conical roofs, a direct link to the region’s rural past. Several castles stand guard on the southern seashores, evoking memories of a time when goods, and danger, came from the sea. In the summertime, Apulia comes alive with a continuous supply of folk music and other festivals.

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Apulia is a region like no other, a unique strip of land stretching into the sea with wonderful beaches of all types, from the sandy shores of Torre dell’Orso and Porto Cesario to the cliff shores of Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca, where the Ionic and Adriatic Sea collide.


Seafarers will find a veritable paradise in Apulia, from Gallipoli, the “Gemma del Salento,” to Gargano, the “Sperone d’Italia,” which sticks out in the clear waters that harbor the delightful Tremiti Islands. Inland, the Murge and Gargano National Parks, with the wild Foresta Umbra, salt mines, and lakes, put on a grand show to match.