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The area surrounding the Lakes of Monticchio is one of the most spectacular, yet still unexplored. Lake Grande and Lake Piccolo are really two water-filled extinct craters created by Mount Vulture, and are surrounded by thick, lush vegetation.


Basilicata is one of the only regions that touches both the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea. In particular, the Ionian coast, with its two localities of Metaponto and Policoro, offers a variety of beaches, some long and thin, some pebble-filled, and some surrounded by pine groves and rows of eucalyptus trees.


The Gulf of Policastro, on the Tyrrhenian side, has a high and jagged shore, where clear, sea-washed beaches lie at the foot of sheer cliffs.

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Basilicata is situated in southern Italy, between Calabria and Apulia. It is a niche tourist destination, appealing to those who seek a different experience, who want to dive headfirst into silent places, colorful places, places with smells and flavors that will take you away from the chaos of modern life and delight the senses.


Small, rustic burgs are scattered among the woods and forests that cover mountains up to 1,000 meters high, where the air feels pure, the nature authentic, the history empowering.