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Then there is, of course, Naples, known around the world for the intensity and passion of its music that, like the city itself, mixes up the cultured and the plebeian, the sacred and the secular, joy and melancholy.


Moving on, we find a little piece of heaven: Sorrento. Situated on a ledge of porous rock overhanging the sea, its jagged, unreachable shores alternate with small, hidden beaches, producing a quite unique landscape.


Full of history, visiting places like Paestum, Herculaneum, Pompeii and Torre Annunziata, the Padula Charterhouse or the Royal Palace of Caserta feels like travelling back in time. Campania is a monument to man’s enterprise. Whole swathes of arduous terrain were tamed to create terraces, descending toward the sea, for the cultivation of citrus trees, olive trees, and grape vines, filling the ocean spray with the scent of olive, lemon, and orange blossom.


The Amalfi Coast—Amalfi and Ravello, especially—is a special place, some would say the shining gem in the bejeweled crown of Italian heritage.

Looking for sweet weather, beautiful coastlines, rich art and history, and, above all, spectacular cuisine? Then look no further than Campania. Located in the south of Italy, this region stretches from the mouth of the Garigliano River to the Gulf of Policastro along the Tyrrhenian Sea.


The sea is the indisputable king here, with its vivid colors, sparkling shores carved by bays, inlets, and craggy cliffs, and the true Mediterranean gems, the isles of the Gulf of Naples: Capri, Ischia, and Procida. Villages full of history, art, and tradition abound, where one can spend an unforgettable holiday in the lush Mediterranean foliage, with the majestic Mount Vesuvius, dark and uncanny, loved for its beauty and feared for its power, looming above.

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