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The renowned Ligurian coast, sprawling for over 300 km from Ameglia to Ventimiglia, strings together the Cinque Terre, the Gulf of La Spezia, the Gulf of Tigullio, Genoa, the Golfo Paradiso, Riviera delle Palme, and Riviera dei Fiori. Along this route—offering an astonishing scene of terrestrial and oceanic beauty—you will come across the most famous tourist attractions in Liguria: Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Sestri Levante (containing the fascinating Bay of Silence), and Chiavari.


This succession of wide seashores, marinas, and spectacles demands to be explored. Some of the most enchanting places of the Ponente side are Sanremo, the “City of Flowers,” known for the Italian song festival and the casino; the elegant Bordighera and Alassio, with its 3 km of impossibly thin beaches; Varigotti; and Laigueglia.


Moreover, Portovenere, overlooking the Palmaria Island, and Lerici, with its watchman-like medieval castle, stately mansions, and luxuriant gardens, provide further attractions. The Ligurian Sea is also a safe haven for sperm whales, fin whales, and dolphins, which can often be found surfacing just off the coast. And if you wander off the typical tourist path, away from the sea, you’ll find yourself in large woodland fields filled by centuries-old trees, a proper Italian natural heritage in their own right.

Liguria is a northwestern Italian region bordering France. Cradling the Ligurian Sea, with its high, jagged shores, it is a land of imposing mountains and flowing hills speckled green by the Mediterranean.


Liguria offers a rich mixture of recreational, cultural, and social activities. Certainly, its greatest resource is the sea, with its rocky shores interspersed by minor gulfs that create quiet refuges in the form of small, thin beaches.

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