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Descending from the mountains, the hilly fields above the Franciacorta area are known for their world class vineyards and wine production. One of the greatest charms of this region are its expansive, bucolic lakes.


The west side of Lake Garda, with Sirmione at its cleft, has proven to be a popular tourist destination. Lake Garda is rivaled in beauty by Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, which is surrounded by noble mansions, sprawling parks, and quaint villages. Characteristic to this part of the region are the wide, flat, low plains of Padan, covered by stretches of soaked rice fields.


This is the typical landscape of Lomellina, land of the rice weeders, from which much Italian folklore and tradition originated. Lombardy, with its strategic position and natural resources, is a particularly prosperous place known for its seamless blend of nature, history, art, and culture with modern innovation, technology, fashion, and fun.

Lombardy, located in the North of Italy on the border with Switzerland, is one of the country’s widest regions, and is home to Milan, the second-largest city and the largest metropolitan area in Italy.


Lombardy’s varied terrain transitions from the high Alpine peaks to the low Po plains, creating a mix of coexisting climates in the process. With its own section of the Alpine chain in Valchiavenna, Valtellina, and Valcamonica, offering some of the finest and most popular skiing destinations in Tonale, Bormio, Livigno, and Madesimo, Lombardy certainly has no shortage of hibernal beauty.

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