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The two most prominent ski resorts in the region, Campitello Matese and Capracotta, offer crisp, unobstructed views from on high. The Molise coast, recently awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award by the Foundation for Environmental Education, offers a somewhat sandier respite.


Often dubbed the “little old world,” the region’s thousand-year history and culture shines through its many archeological sites, abbeys, burgs, and castles, where you can discover customs, traditions, and artisanal arts and crafts that have long since disappeared elsewhere.

Molise, in south central Italy, stretches from the Apennine ridge to the Adriatic Sea. Treasures abound in this still as-yet-widely-known region, mainly in the realms of nature, history, art, ancient traditions, and the culinary arts.


Delve deeper into Molise, and you’ll be overwhelmed by a feeling of discovery, starting from its mainly mountainous and hilly terrain, crossed by the traditional “tratturi,” historical paths used to transport livestock from the pastures of Abruzzo to the pastures of Apulia. Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise National Park contain awe-inspiring landscapes, while several other nature reserves protect the local fauna and flora.

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